our community

As an organization born from a family business, Smile Wide proudly serves each of our many communities and the people that live there. We're proud of every market we operate in, as well as the future areas we hope to grow into. We strive to foster relationships with our business neighbors through partnerships with their companies. By practicing positive engagement, local involvement and active participation, we are able to achieve our goal of realizing synergy with our entire base.

One of our many community partners is Orange County Girl Scouts, for whom we host Girl Scout Tours in our dental office facilities. We work closely each year with the Toys for Tots program, the American Cancer Society, and the Los Angeles and Orange County School Systems, to name a few.

We also support our community doctors, daycares, single moms, and non-profits. We regularly contribute to educational, athletic and after-school activities for the betterment of our entire population. Clearly, Smile Wide receives pride and satisfaction from taking part in these types of philanthropic activities.

As part of our organizational culture, our team constantly spreads awareness about the importance of positive oral health habits through various events. We voluntarily provide free dental screenings at these gatherings, and offer complimentary exams for new patients at all of our locations.

If you are interested in partnering with Smile Wide or visiting one of our offices, please call our Company Headquarters at 949.596.8100 or click here to contact us.